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The national electrical network pushing the new technology of the construction of power grid
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 The China State Grid Corp will start from the power line construction, transmission line project path, saving line corridor line project and environmental design, promote the use of new technologies, and new technology is reasonably used as project preliminary design approved conditions a. This reporter obtained in the recently held in Beijing power grid construction new technology forum conference on information. The meeting by the China State Grid Corp infrastructure department, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, Chinese Institute of electrical engineering and Construction Technology Committee Co sponsored.

The meeting stressed the strategic objectives, to further implement the China State Grid Corp, "a strong three excellent", build new technology popularization and application platform, expand in power grid construction management, scientific research, design, construction, manufacturing units of ideas, extensive publicity and promotion has matured, are being implemented or will have potential application prospect of new design, new technology, new equipment, to deepen understanding of the application of new technology, accelerate the pace of new technology application, improve the construction level of the power grid, and lay the foundation for the construction of the national grid. The forum with the current power grid construction in the hot and difficult issues, focusing on saving and investment, compact and improve transport capacity, environmental protection, the typical design of substation and raise the level of construction and other aspects, according to three aspects of the new design, new technology, new equipment, determine the communication problem 51. In the new technical forum meeting, the China State Grid Corp will take a series of measures to further promote the new technology in power grid construction. Among them, Beijing electric transmission company introduced the "six split wire construction technology" has been applied to the northwest 750000 volt power transmission demonstration project conductor, to improve the construction process and prevent spreading in six sub conductors are wound played a very good role in guiding. In substation construction, mainly through the typical design of substations in ongoing, improve the construction of substation project design level and technical level.

Source: Chinese Power Report
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