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The China State Grid Corp to strengthen bidding management constructs two levels of management system
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 China State Grid Corp will be in the company system in the full implementation of the bidding management, set up two grade management system of the company headquarters and the net provincial company, headquarters and the provincial grid companies bidding management center as a functional department, fulfill the bidding management responsibilities, centralized management, responsible for the bidding. The morning of August 16th, China State Grid Corp held a meeting in Beijing, the work of the deployment.

China State Grid Corp of Party members, deputy general manager Zheng Baosen attended the meeting, made important speech. Zheng Baosen emphasizes, to strengthen bidding centralized management, the establishment of the company headquarters and two provincial grid companies bidding management system is an important party from the company's development, deployment of grid development, team building the overall situation to make. Its purpose is to improve the quality of power grid construction, to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grids; improve the group of companies operating efficiency and overall economic efficiency; to strengthen the construction of a clean and honest administration, curb corruption from the source to produce. Leaders at all levels must be comprehended seriously highly, solidly carry out the bidding management, the company party deployed in place.

The meeting reviewed the development situation of year bidding management. Come one year, through the practice of centralized bidding company scale, initially formed a set of strict, standardized, scientific centralized bidding and basic procedures and processes: the concentration scale bidding standardized bidding; establish a series of bidding method and system. The headquarters for the normal operation of the system scale gradually formed, the good foundation for the construction of class two tender management system. In 2006 August, the company headquarters was successfully performed in eleven on the scale of bidding, to meet the needs of engineering, the organization of some provincial grid companies bidding together alone, the amount of 28800000000 yuan, 2600000000 yuan lower than the project budget, investment saving rate of 8%.

Conference on the deployment of the key work of the next stage: one is to build two tender management system; two focus on the two level focus on the size of the bidding management; three to strengthen the management of design, construction, supervision and standardize intangible bidding; four strengthen the contract management, work smoothly tender guarantee; five strengthen the evaluation expert management bidding, ensure fair; six good supplier and contractor evaluation, construction quality assurance; seven promote the bidding information construction, improve the bidding work efficiency; eight to strengthen the team construction, carry out the tender management training and communication; nine strengthen the supervision and inspection, to make the two bidding management system implementation.

Source: China State Grid Corp
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